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Did You Know?

The Alentejo enjoys over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, a figure well above the national average and the highest in Europe.

There are 126 kilometers of coastline in the Alentejo with long sandy stretches and intimate private coves. Milfontes and Porto Covo are just one hour from Monte da Quinta. And the Algarve is only 40 minutes by motorway.

Castro Verde is located in Baixo (Lower) Alentejo, an area of 8,503 km2 and one of the least populated areas of Portugal. Baixo Alentejo is crossed by 3 main rivers: Guadiana, Sado and Mira. The Guardiana passes through Mertola, just 30 minutes from Monte da Quinta.

The Royal Basilica is the landmark of the town of Castro Verde. An imposing temple built in the 18th century over the old main church. Highlights include its Baroque interior with the tiled walls depicting scenes from the Battle of Ourique, its treasure of sculptures, paintings, jewellery and religious artefacts. A ten minute walk from Monte da Quinta

Sao Pedro de Cabeca is just 4 kms from Castro Verde. Standing on a hill with a beautiful panoramic view, it was built in the 16th century in honour of D. Alfonso Henriques victory at the Battle of Ourique which is said to have taken place on 25th July 1139 at that very spot.

The Alentejo region boasts 66 vineyards producing a range of great tasting wines that you can only enjoy by visiting Portugal. it’s a wine lovers paradise but you don’t need to be an expert to appreciate the high quality at remarkably low prices. Herdade da Malhadinha, Herdade dos Grous and Santa Vitoria vineyards are all with 20 minutes of Monte da Quinta. We can provide drop-off and pick-up!

100s of species of birds of all shapes, sizes and colours make their homes in Alentejo. Visit the LPN, 1,700 hectares of conservation and protection, where you can see the famous Great Bustard as well as eagles, kites, kestrels, vultures, rollers and Harriers amongst others. LPN is 10 minutes from Monte da Quinta.

Beja Castle is the top attraction of the main city in Lower Alentejo. Its keep built in the reign of King Dinis is one of the biggest in the Iberian peninsula. Built entirely out of marble, it is 40 metres tall and has 108 steps. Beja is 30 mins drive from Monte da Quinta.

Mertola is a fine example of Muslim influence in the region. The principle church of Mertola used to be its 12th century mosque, the best surviving example of Muslim religious architecture in Portugal. Just 30 minutes from Monte da Quinta.

There’s no shortage of restaurants and bars in the parish of Castro Verde. From fine dining at the Herdade vineyards to traditional meal of the day (prato do dia) at local establishments, there is something for all tastes and expenditure. You can eat from as little as 7.50 euros for a prato do dia or up to 40 euros per head for a 3 course Michelin star type meal. Black Pig is just one of the local specialities. All either within walking distance or a shortdrive from Monte da Quinta.