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Castro Verde


The town of Castro Verde originates from an ancient Lusitanian hill forte. The town gained status and was recognised by King D. Sebastiao, who was here in 1573 and founded the Misericordia Church, and by king D. Joao V who, in the 18th century, ordered the building of the Royal Basilica.

This town has gradually grown over the years, establishing itself a regional junction. So much so that at the beginning of the 17th century, king D. Filipe II founded the Castro Fair, where the Alentejo plain and the Algarve mountain range meet, an important regional social and commercial meeting point, the great fair of the South.

Every nook and cranny of the town deserves a closer look, Castro has managed to stay modern without forgoing its identity, channelling architectural languages and ways of life. It also puts its public spaces to good use, providing them with artwork and recreational and leisure areas so that they can be fully enjoyed and valued.

The folk of Castro Verde are proud and self-aware, with strong, defined identities, people who sing and play the viola campanica.