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Bird Watching

We were fortunate to have the fabulous photographer Nick Pearce as one of our visitors to Monte da Quinta. Nick took some great shots of birds and insects that he encountered locally, painstakingly spending many hours in uncomfortable positions waiting for the right opportunity. Here’s just an example of some of the bee-eaters that he witnessed (more shots in our Bird Watching Gallery ). We are lucky to see these extraordinarily colourful birds quite regularly at Monte da Quinta, as we have many bee-hives on our land and we can hear their distinctive call. Even if you aren’t a keen birder, you can’t help admiring their skill at catching the insects in mid-air. We don’t mind losing a few bees to these beautiful birds, although we would prefer they ate the wasps.

Storks are a common sight in our area. Their nests always look precarious perched on the top of a telegraph pole. They often provide additional accommodation for smaller birds grateful for the large, robust construction. Maybe they rent the space below the main seating area. Who knows, but it is said that the storks often return to the same nest with the same partner. Most of the storks migrate during the autumn to Africa and return to the Alentejo in December. Around mid-summer, the young start to learn to fly.

All Year Round                                            Spring
Great Bustard                                                 Lesser Kestrel
Iberian Imperial Eagle                                  European Roller
Back bellied Sandgrouse                             Montagu’s Harrier
Bustard                                                            Great Spotted Cuckoo
Black Vulture
Bonelli’s Eagle                                               Winter
Golden Eagle                                                  Hen Harrier
Griffon Vulture                                                Red Kite
Black Winged Kite                                         Common Crane
Little Owl

It is possible to spot an average of forty different species of birds right here at Monte da Quinta during April and May.

There are bird watching tours available through excursions on foot or in all-terrain vehicles throughout the Castro Verde Special Protection Area. Get to learn about the birds accompanied by the best experts.  LPN Castro Verde

Here is a short film by Wild Step Productions – Birds of Southern Portugal

“Birdwatch in Alentejo” is a company run by Jorge Safara offering guided bird watching tours to visitors to the Alentejo.